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Your AC System: 6 Considerations to Remember Before Installation

Like many homeowners, you may be thinking about replacing or upgrading your AC system before the hot and humid summer air returns. With rising energy costs, aging equipment, and evolving family needs all at play in the decision-making process, it can make your research overwhelming. Main Stream Mechanical’s home comfort team offers their expertise by sharing six factors to consider before investing in your next air conditioning unit.

1. Understand all of your options.

It used to be the case that you had to install a full-house vented system or settle for window AC units if you had electric heat instead of a forced-air furnace. That’s not so anymore. You can beat the heat even when a vented system isn’t structurally practical for your space. Alternatives like ductless mini-splits offer cooling and heating without the need for conventional ductwork.

2. Size it right.

Proper installation and effective cooling can only take place when the size of your air conditioner aligns with the size of your space. An AC system that’s too small will not be robust enough to maintain the coolness you desire. It will also run constantly, resulting in higher energy costs. An AC system that’s too large will cause your unit to constantly turn on – to quickly lower the indoor temperature – and turn off. That repetitive cycle causes advanced wear and tear on your AC.

3. Check the condition of your ducts.

If you have ductwork, be sure it’s in good condition before installing an AC system. Old or inefficient ducts can leak up to 20% of cool air into the environment. Hire an HVAC technician to seal or replace leaky ductwork so that cool air remains in your home. Once the duct system is secured, you can schedule an installation.

4. Consider your coolant.

Because the price of Freon has increased greatly, it may be smarter to replace your AC unit, rather than continue replacing Freon. We can guide you through this process to make sure you are informed and all your questions are answered.

5. Set it and forget it.

If you’re in the market for a new thermostat, you may want to upgrade to a programmable thermostat – which helps you save on your energy bills while providing comfort to your home.

6. Crunch the numbers.

Finally, compare the cost of a replacement with current repair costs. If repairs exceed half of your replacement costs, you may decide that an upgrade makes the most practical and financial sense. Also, take into consideration manufacturer rebates and tax incentives for newer energy-efficient units – they can deliver added savings to your wallet.

HVAC Installation, Service, and Repair

Main Stream Mechanical’s team can help you choose the best cooling system for your home and family. For over 25 years, our customers have trusted us to provide best-in-class customer service and experienced technicians. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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