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Emergency AC Repair by our Certified Technicians


For unplanned emergency ductless mini-split and central AC repair in your home or office, call Main Stream Mechanical and receive quick, professional, and reliable service.

Call us for emergency AC repair on both ductless & central AC units in MA & NH!

We travel throughout the greater Newburyport, Boxford, Topsfield, Bedford, Lexington, and Arlington areas in MA and the greater Derry, Seabrook, Stratham, Dover, Exeter, and Rye areas in NH. See our full-service area list for towns not noted, chances are we travel to yours or call (978) 834-0849 today for a no-obligation consultation.

AC emergencies require repair without notice and often strike without warning. And why is it they happen at the most inopportune times? Main Stream can help. We understand these situations, and we are ready to get you back up and running by repairing your home or office air conditioning unit in time for the big day or event.

Always contact us for emergency AC repairs.

Central air conditioners are very complicated systems. Handling repairs or entrusting them to uncertified people can be dangerous. You risk further damaging your AC system or someone getting hurt.

These emergencies can lead to serious risks, including exposure to dangerous refrigerant leakage, fire hazards, and electrical brownouts. Our team of dedicated professionals understands the nature of these problems. Our experience repairing and maintaining both ductless AC and Central AC systems means you can rest easy calling on us. Listed below is just a sampling of possible AC failures and problems.

Your AC Refrigerant Leaking:

If your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, then you should contact Main Stream right away. The cost of not having refrigerant leaks repaired can be extremely high due to the high cost of refrigerant. A nitrogen test may be needed to determine where the leak is coming from.

Your AC Keeps Tripping Your Circuit Breaker:

Your air conditioner may also keep tripping your circuit breaker. It can be difficult for a DIY homeowner to resolve the problem, because there are a number of possible causes, including:

  • A clogged or damaged air filter

  • Dirty central AC coil

  • A shorted motor

  • A faulty compressor

  • Rodent damage


You don't want to keep resetting your circuit breaker, because this can cause damage to your air conditioning system.

When your ductless AC or central AC unit isn't blowing cold enough, you may need service. If it's in the dead of summer, it may in fact be an emergency repair! There are several reasons you may be experiencing less than cold air coming from your AC units. The units themselves may need to be re-charged with refrigerant, the condenser may have frozen up, or it may just be too darn hot!! All kidding aside, when your mini-split or central AC unit isn't blowing as cold as you like, it's probably an indication that some type of service or repair is needed.

Our expert technicians will promptly respond to any emergencies that occur. You should contact us if you experience any of the following problems.

Your System is Not Cooling Enough:

Annual AC Maintenance:

Prevent System Breakdowns & Emergency Repairs

A pre-season cooling tune-up can help prevent unexpected hot summer day breakdowns. Oftentimes a potential problem can be spotted before it becomes a major issue.

Annual maintenance helps ensure that your equipment will operate properly and at peak performance at the time it is most needed. Many manufacturers require annual maintenance to be done to keep factory warranties in place.

Preventive maintenance is one of the smartest things you can do to prolong the life of your equipment. Call Main Stream Mechanical and let one of our expertly trained technicians make sure that your equipment is running safely and efficiently.

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