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Gas Boiler Service & Repair


Don't let your gas boiler leave you cold and desperate when you need it most.

Schedule your gas boiler service today!

For gas boiler services including repairs, maintenance, or replacement, call (978) 834-0849 today. We travel throughout the greater Haverhill, Newburyport, Boxford, Topsfield, Bedford, Lexington, and Arlington areas in MA, and the greater Derry, Seabrook, Stratham, Dover, Exeter, and Rye areas in NH. See our full-service area list for towns and cities not noted; chances are we travel to yours, too!

Gas boilers typically see service and repairs at the beginning of the colder seasons. When your systems are switched on for the first time in months and put under sudden strain, issues can become obvious. But not all gas boiler problems are easily noticed or remedied. That's why Massachusetts and New Hampshire homeowners rely on Main Stream Mechanical for all their heating needs.

Some of the more common gas boiler problems you may have experienced include:

  • Leaking or Dripping

  • Strange Noises, such as Banging or Knocking

  • No Heat or Hot Water

  • Loss of Pressure

  • Pilot Light Goes Out for No Reason

  • Radiators Don't Heat Up

  • Boiler Consistently Switches Off


And while this does not apply to older gas boilers, the newer systems utilize a condensate pipe to remove wastewater. At colder temperatures, the condensate pipes can freeze, causing blockages. And if there's something we know about here in the northeast, it's the inconvenience of frozen pipes and the expensive, catastrophic damage that can potentially be caused if they burst.

Why trust Main Stream Mechanical with your gas boiler repairs?

Commitment to Quality

Massachusetts requires HVAC contractors to be licensed. Still, many other companies hire unlicensed technicians that fail to match our standards of quality. Unlike these contractors, Main Stream Mechanical is fully licensed to ensure the highest quality services for our customers.

Expert Recommendations

When do you know whether your gas boiler requires routine service or repair to extend its life, or if a complete replacement or upgrade would be more beneficial? Our Comfort Specialists have the experience and expertise needed to help you choose the right services and equipment for your home or business.

Adequately Insured

Our technicians are very responsible and we are fully insured.  Main Stream adheres to trade practices that are in compliance with Local, State, and Federal regulations.

Customer Testimonials

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