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Air Conditioner Installation, Repair,

and Replacement


Home air conditioning systems have evolved far beyond those window-mounted units that are often unreliable and expensive in the long run, and even hard to find when the summer heat finally rears its brutal head. Let Main Stream Mechanical help you take a break from the heat—or prepare for it—by installing an energy-efficient central air conditioning system.


Think central AC is not possible because you don’t have an air duct system? Not true! Mini ductless air conditioning systems are ideal for homes without central air ducts, and the team at Main Stream Mechanical has the expertise and experience needed to ensure and enhance your family’s comfort when those already brutal days only become hotter.

  • Duct Work & Trunk Installation

  • Mini Split Systems Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

  • Zoning & Ductwork

  • Unico & Hi-Velocity Installation

  • Air Conditioning Refrigerant Charging

  • Air Conditioning Refrigeration Leak Repairs

Need a routine repair, a new installation or emergency service, or even new construction, renovations, or new home buyer air conditioning inspections? Give us a call. Our highly trained technicians are ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

In addition to air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services, we also offer:

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Annual Maintenance:

Get the most out of your air conditioning.

Few things are worse than your home air conditioning struggling to cool or breaking down completely when you need it most. Regular maintenance ensures your systems maintain peak operating efficiency while extending the life of your equipment.

Get a central air conditioning consultation!

Your home air conditioning systems are in expert hands with Main Stream Mechanical. In Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, call (978) 834-0849 or (877) 800-HVAC today for installation, repair, and maintenance services, and a no obligation consultation.

Indoor Air Quality:

Breathe Better. Breathe Easier.

Cleaning products, tobacco smoke, pet dander, cooking odors, and dust mites—among other irritants—can trigger coughing, sneezing, and upper-respiratory discomfort in the healthiest of individuals. Controlling the levels of these airborne allergens is important, especially for homeowners and family members who suffer from respiratory conditions such as COPD or asthma. Let the experts at Main Stream Mechanical improve the health of your household environment, allowing your family to breathe better, and you to breathe easy.

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