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Mini Splits Outpace Conventional Window Air Conditioners in Energy Savings

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

It was not so long ago that AC window units were a popular in-room cooling option. But advances in HVAC technologies are displacing window units with ductless mini splits, an efficient and energy-saving heating and cooling solution. In this month’s blog, the home comfort specialists at Main Stream Mechanical explain the efficiency benefits and energy cost savings you’ll receive when you switch out your window unit for a ductless AC system.

  • Ductless systems consume 40% less energy than even the most energy-efficient window AC models. Why? Because mini splits have a higher EER rating than window AC models. Mini splits have EER ratings around 16-plus, whereas window units have EER ratings around 12. The higher the EER number, the more efficient the unit—and the more you’ll save on utility bills.

  • Window AC units use more energy because of poor insulation. Window units are placed in an open window, wedged between two flimsy accordion style barriers. This configuration allows hot unconditioned air to leak into your home and conditioned air to leak out of your home, putting stress on your air conditioner to run longer and harder to keep the room cool. Mini splits, on the other hand, are mounted on a wall and use only a very small hole in the wall to connect the indoor unit to the outside unit. The tighter fit means very little (if any) air leaks in or out of your home. Your mini split doesn’t have to run as long or work as hard to cool a room, promoting a longer lifespan than a window AC and saving you money on your utility bills.

  • Mini splits offer customized zoning that keeps utility bills in check. Window AC units cool just a single room or smaller space, while mini splits can be set up to cool multiple rooms in your home. With a mini split’s customized zoning feature, temperature changes impact only that zone and not others. So you can keep the upstairs zone at a different temperature than the downstairs, or turn off the mini split in unused rooms until occupied. Controlling the cooling levels in each zone gives you autonomy over your energy usage and helps lower your utility bills.

  • Mini splits can deliver energy-efficient, cool air to any space. If you have a room that can’t accommodate ductwork, ductless mini splits are a smart option. Even if your home does have existing ductwork, a mini-split can save you an additional 30 percent on your energy usage. Why? Because duct systems lose up to 20 to 30 percent of air through duct leaks, forcing the system to work harder to replace lost cooling.

Mini Split and HVAC Installation, Service, and Repair in MA and NH

If you’re ready to swap your clunky window AC unit for a mini split, contact our skilled HVAC team for a consultation. Our trained and licensed specialists can help you determine the right mini split system configuration for your comfort needs and long-term energy savings.

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