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Why Schedule AC Maintenance in the Spring?

Warmer temperatures are just around the corner, which means your AC needs to be ready to operate at peak performance. Scheduling a maintenance appointment in early spring ensures that your system will run efficiently when you need it most. In this month’s blog, the home comfort specialists at Main Stream Mechanical discuss the benefits of a spring tune-up and the impact annual maintenance programs have on your HVAC system.

Why Schedule AC Maintenance in the Spring?

The best way to make sure your AC is in good condition to handle those hot and humid days is to schedule AC maintenance before summer hits. Scheduling your AC maintenance in the spring allows you to:

  • Treat and repair damage or stress caused by the harsh winter.

  • Choose a convenient appointment date and time, avoiding the summer rush when HVAC specialists are busiest.

  • Take advantage of pre-season maintenance incentives, and new or replacement equipment specials that are available.

Benefits of AC Maintenance

The dust and dirt that makes its way into cracks and crevices of your AC turns into grime that weakens your unit. Regular preventative maintenance protects your system from being compromised and offers other important benefits:

Lower Energy Bills

The more build-up in your unit, the lower the efficiency. A dirty and neglected AC will run longer to cool your home. A tune-up will bring your air conditioner up to peak operating efficiency, consuming less energy and reducing your monthly energy bill.

Fewer Repairs

Annual maintenance by home comfort specialists prevents frequent breakdowns and curbs the need for costly repairs. The home comfort specialists at Main Stream Mechanical can identify the source of a problem so that small issues don’t become expensive emergencies.

Prolonged AC Unit Lifespan

Air conditioners that receive regular annual maintenance last longer than ACs that don’t. When your AC system is compromised, it can produce costly repairs and decrease the overall life expectancy of your system.

Could you Benefit from AC Replacement this Spring?

Even with regular professional maintenance, you may notice that your AC system is beginning to fail. Most air conditioning systems are designed to last ten to fifteen years, but begin to experience cooling problems as they approach their full life expectancy. If you are seeing signs that your HVAC unit is failing (including reduced air flow, moisture or leakage around your unit, or banging, squealing, or rattling sounds), then it’s time to replace your existing AC system with a newer, more efficient cooling solution.

Air Conditioner Installation, Repair, and Replacement in NH and MA

Don’t wait until your air conditioning system breaks down on a hot and muggy day! Take preventative measures and contact Main Stream Mechanical to schedule your professional maintenance now. We install, maintain, service, and repair residential and commercial heating, cooling, and plumbing systems in Haverhill, Amesbury, Newburyport, Rowley, Topsfield, Boxford, and other locations across Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

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Jul 28, 2023

Regular AC maintenance is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. Don't forget to schedule annual inspections and cleanings by AC Repair Diamond Bar to keep your system running smoothly and your indoor air quality fresh and healthy.

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