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Get your Home Ready for Summer

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Spring is here and summer is knocking on the door, making it the perfect time to get your home ready for the season. Before you start your outdoor fun, be sure to check the key parts of your home’s infrastructure.

To help you get started, Main Stream Mechanical’s home comfort specialists have a maintenance checklist you can tackle in the coming weeks.

Check outdoor plumbing fixtures.

As soon as the risk of overnight freezing has passed, it’s safe to check your exterior plumbing. Inspect your hoses, in-ground sprinklers, and hot tub and pool plumbing connections, and replace any damaged hardware. Next, open the water shutoff valve to restore the water supply back to your exterior faucets and turn the spigots on and off to make sure they work properly. Low water pressure may be a sign of a leak or a blockage in the line. Faucets that drip after being turned off or don’t shut off completely could be a sign of a break in the pipe. If you suspect a problem, contact us for an inspection.

Pro Tip: Turn off the water source associated with the damaged outdoor plumbing until it is looked at by a professional. This will prevent flooding from a compromised pipe in your home.

Inspect the water heater.

Using a flashlight, give your water heater a thorough visual inspection, looking for signs of concern, such as rust, leaks, or corrosion. If you own a conventional heater with a storage tank, it may need to be drained of sediment, especially if the water from your well or municipal supply is hard. If enough sediment gathers, it will insulate the heating element and block your tank’s drain valve, which can cause problems with your equipment and impede its efficiency. A home comfort specialist can inspect for sediment and flush the water heater system if needed.

Test your sump pump.

Spring is the perfect time to check the sump pump in your basement. One of the best ways to test its efficiency and functionality is to pour a bucket of water into the pit to trip the float, forcing the sump pump to run. If the pump doesn’t remove the water, check the power. If it is still not working, give us a call. If you don’t have a sump pump and part of your home sits below ground level, we can install one for you.

Consider a programmable thermostat.

Running your HVAC system when you’re not home can cause your energy bill to spike and increase the wear and tear of your unit. A programmable thermostat can help you control the A/C temperature based on your schedule. Pre-set it to turn the temperature up when you leave your home and down just before you are scheduled to return. By setting the thermostat for when you need it, you’ll save on your energy costs and remain comfortable when you’re home.

Schedule an A/C tune-up.

Regular A/C tune-ups help lower your cooling costs and ward off unexpected breakdowns. An HVAC specialist will thoroughly assess the unit to make sure it’s in proper working order and safe to use in the coming months. A tune-up generally consists of cleaning, calibrating, checking for leaks and ensuring your refrigerant levels are correct. Scheduling your tune-up now ensures any repairs can be made before the sweltering heat arrives.

Assess your attic ventilation.

Proper attic ventilation helps keep your energy costs down and prevent moisture. Corroded roof flashing and damaged soffit panels can invite water, debris, or nests into your attic. Check your attic for blocked vents, mold growth, wet insulation, and rusted screws, nails or staples.

Pro Tip: Before inspecting your attic, cover any exposed skin to protect yourself from the irritating effects of fiberglass insulation.

Reseal windows and doors.

Cracked, broken, or missing caulk seals around the outside of your windows and doors can cause water to seep in and create air drafts. Reseal any cracks and replace weather stripping to keep your home energy-efficient, keep water out, and prevent cool air from escaping or unwanted warm air from getting in.

Plumbing and HVAC Installation, Service, and Repair in NH and MA

These maintenance steps not only help you identify problems that may have developed over the winter, but also help to ensure that your plumbing and HVAC systems are prepared for the summer ahead. Not sure your home is ready for the next season? Contact Main Stream Mechanical’s team of experts for help with your plumbing and HVAC needs.

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