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How to Avoid 8 Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

We’re pretty sure your summer bucket list doesn’t include waiting around for us to fix a plumbing problem. In this month’s blog, we share eight common summer plumbing problems, and how you can avoid them so your fun-in-the-sun doesn’t get interrupted.

Keep the Outdoors Outside and Away from your Pipes

Unfortunately, your outdoor adventures can create an indoor mess. Prevent pipes from clogging by shaking out towels and clothes and giving swimsuits an extra rinse with the hose before putting them all into the washer. Before using the shower, rinse off in the yard with a hose, or use public showers at the beach before heading home. Your pipes will be pleased!

Give your Washing Machine a Break

Large loads of heavy towels can throw off your washing machine’s balance, putting a strain on machine parts and efficiency. Keep laundry loads small and monitor the machine while it’s running.

Feed your Garbage Disposal the Right Diet

When placed in your garbage disposal, hard summer fruits and vegetables--like watermelon rinds and corn husks--can lead to stubborn clogs and blade damage. Keep fibrous organic material as well as grease, oil, fatty meats, and bones out of the disposal. It’s also a good practice to run cold water through your disposal for about 10 seconds before and after use.

Healthy Toilet = Happy House

Once the kids are home for the summer, and backyard parties are scheduled, your toilets will be used more frequently. Remind your family and guests to flush only a modest amount of toilet paper. Common clogs can upset your toilet’s system. While they can be simple to clear with a plunger, call a plumbing professional if you suspect significant damage.

Don't Stress Over your Sprinkler

Broken sprinkler heads can lead to leaks and higher water bills. Inspect and clean the sprinkler heads before running your automatic sprinkler system. Replace any that are damaged. Continue to check on your system throughout the summer. And don’t forget to lower the heads before mowing the lawn!

Keep your Basement from Becoming an Indoor Pool

Summer is the time for wading in lakes and streams, not wading in your flooded basement. Heavy rain storms can tax your gutters, putting your basement at risk for flooding. If you have water in your basement, check and clear your gutters and drainage systems, and install a sump pump to collect and dispel all unwanted water.

Groom those Critters

Spring and summer can be the height of shedding season for most cats and dogs. Regularly brush your animals so less hair gets onto your clothes and linens, and into your washing machine. Additionally, bathe your animals outside to help keep fur from clogging up your tub or shower pipes.

Add Plumbing onto your Vacation To Do List

If your summer includes a long vacation, create a plan to ensure your plumbing systems are in check before you leave, and while you’re gone. Prevent plumbing problems with a checklist that includes:

  • Turning your water heater to a low pilot.

  • Turning off all indoor and outdoor taps.

  • Asking a friend or neighbor to do a house check to confirm everything is in order while you are away.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services in NH and MA

If you have a plumbing problem, the licensed plumbing professionals at Main Stream Mechanical can help. We service Haverhill, Amesbury, Newburyport, Rowley, Topsfield, Boxford, and other locations across Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Call our trained and insured technicians at (978) 834-0849 or contact us online.

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