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Four Steps to Prepare your Heating System for the Cold Weather Months

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

We’re just a few short months away from another cold New England winter, making now the best time to ensure your heating system is in good working order. In this month’s blog, the home comfort specialists at Main Stream Mechanical share four things you can do to ensure your furnace and boiler are functional, efficient, and safe to use throughout the heating season.

1. Test your thermostat. Switch your thermostat setting from cooling to heating, set the fan to AUTO, and raise the temperature a few degrees higher than room temperature. The heat should kick on within a minute. If it doesn’t, confirm the power source to the HVAC system is turned on and working. If all checks out, but the heat is still not turning on, a trained technician should inspect your system and render a solution to the problem.

2. Replace your air filters. Change your furnace filters every 30 to 60 days, or as needed. Clean air filters help your furnace run properly and efficiently. A dirty furnace filter allows dirt and debris to get into your system, causing unnecessary wear and tear, increasing the chance of overheating and breakdowns, and reducing the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment.


Safety Tip: It’s a good idea to install a carbon monoxide detector near your heating system. This is an especially important safeguard if your unit is an older model. A carbon monoxide leak typically has no smell, so installing an alarm brings you an added assurance of safety.


3. Remove any objects near your heating system. Storing unused items around your furnace or boiler disrupts the airflow needed to function properly and creates a safety hazard. Remove any objects to ensure the unit’s air intakes are not blocked. It is especially important to avoid placing flammable objects—including paper products and cardboard boxes—near your equipment.

4. Schedule a heating system check up. One of the most important things you can do to prepare for the heating season is to schedule a maintenance and inspection from expert technicians who will thoroughly inspect and clean all the components of your system, correct any problems before they become major issues, and check for leaks and safety hazards. Whether you use a boiler or furnace, a check up will keep your system running properly when you need it most.


Regular maintenance improves your system’s efficiency and can extend its lifespan. Schedule your heating maintenance by 9/15 and receive an early bird coupon for $10off your appointment.


HVAC installation, maintenance and repair in NH and MA

When you proactively take steps to prepare your heating system for the winter, you gain peace of mind knowing that your unit will safely and effectively operate. Keep your home warm and safe all winter long by scheduling a maintenance appointment with the home comfort specialists at Main Stream Mechanical. Our skilled technicians can give your system the check up it needs so it is ready for the heating season.


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