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10 Tips to Reduce your Home Heating Costs

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

You can’t control Mother Nature’s cold chill, but you can control your home heating costs this winter. In this month’s blog, the home comfort specialists at Main Stream Mechanical, share ten simple tips to keep your energy bill in-check while staying comfortable:

1. Let the sunshine in. On a sunny day open curtains on your south-facing windows to allow the sun’s heat to naturally warm your home. Close the curtains at sunset to insulate your home and trap the heat inside.

2. Keep it covered. Tape clear plastic film to the inside of your window frames during the winter and install insulating drapes or shades on windows and doors that feel drafty.

3. Clean and clear vents and radiators. Clean the dust from your radiators and baseboard heat vents to allow for maximum, even air flow into your rooms. Be sure to keep furniture and household items clear of vents and radiators to get the full benefit of the warm air.

4. See how low you can go. Setting your thermostat even a couple of degrees cooler when you're away or asleep can make a big difference on your overall heating bill. If you’re feeling adventurous, keep the house cooler during the day as well and bundle up.

5. Set it and forget it. A programmable thermostat makes temperature regulation easier and saves money. Program your heater for various times and temperatures throughout the day, and let it do the thinking for you.

6. Seal the deal. Check for gaps around any ductwork that runs through your attic, crawlspace, basement, or garage, and seal and insulate them.

7. Clear the air. Change your air filter monthly. Clean filters not only produce better indoor air quality, they allow for more efficient airflow through your heating system and into your rooms.

8. Reduce heat loss from your fireplace. Keep your fireplace damper closed unless a fire is burning. An open damper allows warm air to go right up the chimney and invites a large quantity of cold air in.

9. Keep your humidifier humming. Using a humidifier can reduce your heating costs as moist air retains heat more effectively than dry air.

10. Give your heating system some TLC. Schedule an annual maintenance appointment for your heating system. A home comfort specialist will inspect, clean, and confirm functionality and efficiency. They’ll also troubleshoot potential issues before they become big problems.


The above tips can not only save you money on your heating bills, but can extend the lifespan of your system. For installations, check-ups and repairs, contact our home comfort specialists. We deliver expert know-how and exceptional customer service to many locations throughout Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, including Haverhill, Amesbury, Newburyport, Rowley, Topsfield, and Boxford.

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