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Mini-splits & Ductless AC in Rowley MA


AC Unit Repair Service

A ductless Minisplit system is a wall-mounted fixture that provides air conditioning to your home. It doesn't require heating ducts and can be installed in rooms without a window. For small homes and apartments, a single ductless AC unit can provide better air quality and more efficient cooling than any other unit.

With a Minisplit system, you can avoid the hassle of setting up a window unit each summer. These units can be remotely operated and can be mounted in multiple locations to cool larger houses. At Mainstream Mechanical, we install ductless AC units for homes in Rowley, MA.


Also known as high-wall indoor units, these ductless systems provide the most efficient cooling available. Mitsubishi and Unico are the leading brands in ductless cooling, operating discreetly and efficiently.

Mini-splits provide high-velocity AC for houses with no ductwork. These units can be remotely operated and programmed to maintain certain temperatures throughout the home.


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AC Mini-Split Install & Repair in Rowley MA

At Mainstream Mechanical, our experts are certified to work on any AC system. Whether you need AC freon charging, repair or troubleshooting, our professionals are here to prepare your home for the summer. We service and install all models of mini-split and ductless AC systems.

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