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AC Installation & Repair in Newburyport MA


AC Unit Repair Service

At Mainstream Mechanical, we offer top-level industry service for all types of AC units. We install and service ductless mini-split systems, as well as central air systems. Our team of experts is highly certified, and we provide cooling services for homes in Newburyport, including AC sales, repair, replacement, and installation.

One of the more common AC unit malfunctions is a coolant leak. If your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, you should contact Mainstream right away. Refrigerant is expensive, and the longer the leak goes untreated, the greater the expense will become. In some cases, a nitrogen test may be needed to determine where the leak is coming from. Your air conditioner may also trip your circuit breaker on occasion. Some of the potential causes for this include:

  • A clogged or damaged air filter

  • Dirty central AC coil

  • A shorted motor

  • A faulty compressor

  • Rodent damage

Our flexible cooling services include AC repair. Our experience in repairing and maintaining both ductless AC and Central AC systems means you can rest easy calling on us!


  • Central AC – Central AC systems are perfect for larger homes with multiple rooms. They operate quietly and efficiently to cool each room in the house.

  • Ductless AC Units – Ductless AC is an ideal option for both small and large homes. The discreet wall units can be remotely operated, cooling multiple zones in your home.

  • Hi Velocity AC systems – Unico AC systems are versatile, and can be routed through existing walls to cool homes of any size. These high performance systems are ideal for large spaces with unconventional layouts.

AC Consultation in Newburyport MA

Are you certain your AC system is running properly? If not, why not call the experts at Mainstream Mechanical? Reach out today at (978) 834-0849 for a no-obligation consultation and assessment of your AC units.

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