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Annual Boiler Maintenance: Early Detection, Safety, Among Many Benefits

Your boiler works hard to provide hot water and heating when you need it, and needs annual servicing to keep it running safely and efficiently. Yet, many homeowners overlook the importance of regular boiler maintenance. Annual tune-ups and inspections keep your system in peak condition, identifying any boiler issues before they cause expensive repairs or inconvenient breakdowns. In this month’s blog, the pros at Main Stream Mechanical discuss common boiler issues and how routine checks can keep your family comfortable and safe during the cold winter months.

Annual Boiler Maintenance Provides Early Detection of Common Issues

Annual boiler service includes a series of tests and tasks performed by one of our home comfort specialists to clean, inspect, and test your equipment for safety, functionality, and efficiency. During your appointment, your technician will be looking for:

1. Thermostat Irregularities

A malfunctioning thermostat can cause your boiler to turn on or shut down improperly, leading to temperature extremes in your home, and causing damage over time.

2. Pilot Light and Electronic Igniter Functionality

Whether your boiler uses gas or oil, a functioning electronic igniter or pilot light is needed to fire the main burner. These components provide the spark that powers the flame, and without them, your boiler won’t work.

3. Lime Scale and Mineral Deposits

Mineral and limescale deposits from water and water vapor will accumulate in various parts of your boiler, including the heat exchanger. If these deposits are not removed regularly, they can build up and restrict water flow.

4. Water Leaks

Water leaks are especially prevalent in older boilers. As connections age and wear and tear takes its toll, cracks, loose joints, and the pressure relief valve can be potential sources for leaks.

5. Corrosion

Even though boilers are constructed to resist corrosion, a lack of annual checks can leave unwanted water to sit, causing premature rusting. Depending on where the rust forms, you could end up replacing your heat exchanger or entire tank.

6. Sediment Build-up

If there is excess sediment at the bottom of the tank, the boiler may need to be flushed out. During your annual boiler inspection, sediment levels are checked and flushed out if necessary.

7. Circulator Pump Failure

The circulator pump pushes the hot water out of the boiler, delivering it to the baseboard heaters and radiators in your home. The hot water cannot reach these heating units when the circulator pump is not functioning correctly. Chronic leaks around the joints are a common sign that the circulator pump is failing.

Benefits of Annual Boiler Tune-ups

Annual service of your boiler—whether you use oil or gas—offers many benefits including:

  • Early detection of minor issues

  • Improved safety

  • Improved efficiency

  • Reduced utility bills

  • Increased lifespan

  • Protected warranty

Consider Automatic Oil Delivery

In addition to regular maintenance, we highly recommend setting up an automatic delivery system with your local oil company so you don’t run out of fuel! When your burner runs out of fuel, the line gets filled with air and sludge, leaving your boiler inoperable until a technician bleeds air out of the line and replaces the nozzle and filter.

Boiler Installation, Maintenance, Service, Repair, and Replacement

Main Stream Mechanical has been helping residents stay safe and warm for over twenty-five years. If you have a common heating issue, want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient system, or need a conversion from oil burners to natural gas, we can help. We utili industry-leading techniques and are trained on the latest rules and safety regulations. Contact us today.

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